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Bijgewerkt: december 14, 2022

Manufacturer Of Dental Products Secures Sustainable Process Heating For The Winter

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The Challenge

Responding to the market uncertainties related with rising gas prices and potential shortage, one of the leading manufactures of high-end dental products and technologies decided to move away from gas-boiler heating systems. With sustainability and decarbonization goals being an important factor in their decision-making process, the manufacturer wasn’t looking at other fossil-fueled heating systems, but decided to switch from gas to heat-pump technology.

Looking for a solution that would ensure continuous heating supply during winter, the manufacturer reached out to the ICS Cool Energy team asking for a hire solution that would generate the required 1.5MW heating capacity with 70°C outlet water temperature during the planned 26 weeks hire period.

The Solution

Following several site visits and detailed analysis of the system, the ICS team designed a cascade heating system consisting of four 165kW reversible, air-to-water Heat Pumps 350 and four i-FH 100 (industrial-Free Heating) water-to-water heat pump units along with the necessary hydraulics, piping, valves and installation. Despite the challenging set-up and space limitations, the system was installed and has been successfully operating before the winter.

The Result

The i-FH heat pumps proved to be ideally suited to replace the fossil-fuel heating system, fitting the traditional piping design of a boiler heating system. The customer ensured continuous heating supply for its manufacturing process, without the need to worry about the supply or fluctuating costs of gas or oil. By replacing the gas-fired boilers with energy efficient heat-pump solutions, the manufacturer also significantly reduced the energy consumption, its carbon footprint and increased sustainability of its operations.

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Warmtepomp chiller huren

Warmtepomp chiller huren

We zijn specialisten in het verhuren van warmtepompchillers en omgekeerde-cycluschillers voor zowel verwarmings- als koeltoepassingen. We hebben meer dan 500MW koelers op voorraad, klaar voor levering de volgende dag, met warmtepompchillers van 85kW tot 550kW, verwarming van +10°C tot +80°C en koeling van +15°C tot -10°C. Onze warmtepompen zijn gebouwd volgens een robuuste kritische processpecificatie met geïntegreerde pompen, buffertanks en meerdere circuits en compressoren om het risico van storingen op één punt te voorkomen. Warmtepompchillers worden beschermd in speciaal gebouwde transportframes en skids en kunnen worden geïnstalleerd met flens-, camlock- of Bauer-slangen voor snelle installatie op locatie in alle situaties. Sinds 1989 verhuren we warmtepomp-koelmachines voor industriële productie en HVAC-toepassingen. Onze technische specialisten kunnen elke opdracht ondersteunen, ongeacht de grootte, van korte termijn tot negen jaar. Samen met jou zal ons team de beste oplossing voor je bedrijf bieden. <strong>Waarom zou u ons gebruiken als uw partner voor het huren van een warmtepompkoelmachine?</strong> Onze technisch opgeleide technici zijn specialisten op het gebied van warmtepompkoelers, dus je kunt erop vertrouwen dat ze je pompen de eerste keer goed installeren. We bieden een gedetailleerd locatieonderzoek, systeemontwerp, specificatie van apparatuur, levering, installatie en inbedrijfstelling. Onze huurvloot van koelmachines is gemiddeld minder dan 1,5 jaar oud, wat betrouwbaarheid en moderne apparatuur voor uw bedrijf garandeert. De leeftijd van de apparatuur en de aanpak van onze technici zorgen ervoor dat de apparatuur energiezuinig is, waardoor uw energiekosten dalen. Je kunt ook nog meer besparen door een gratis koeloplossing te overwegen.

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Water Source Heat Pump Chiller

Water Source Heat Pump Chiller

Chillers and cooling plants are used to cool manufacturing processes and facilities, and just by doing so generate waste heat that typically gets lost to the atmosphere, this heat does not just have to be wasted and can be harnessed effectively by one of our i-FH (Industrial Free Heating) units. If you have a process that needs heating, this heat can be recovered from your process via our i-FH unit and then supplied directly to your heating circuit, reducing the energy costs as a result. Our i-FH models range from 182kW through to 420kW. These units offer operational effectiveness, and a compact design - which is optimised for restricted spaces; they are modular & scalable for evolving needs, easily manoeuvrable with a standard pallet truck as well as intuitive & user friendly, extensively tested and CE compliant. If you would like to learn more about Free Heating and understand how much you could be saving, get in touch today and arrange a free analysis by your local technically trained sales engineer. <strong>Our approach</strong> Since 1989 we have created bespoke temperature control solutions across all manufacturing, industrial and critical process applications. With a network of highly experienced technical engineers nationwide, we will visit your site to understand your exact application needs and audit your facilities and potential constraints to develop the optimum solution for your circumstances. We can design, install, commission and project manage bespoke turnkey solutions and provide full, tailored 24/7 maintenance & breakdown support with our nationwide service & rental team.

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