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Bijgewerkt: februari 21, 2017

Redefining cooling for the oil and gas industries

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The Challenge

The oil and gas industries are among the most demanding when it comes to process cooling, often with plants in corrosive environments, rigorous health and safety challenges and no leeway for downtime. Thanks to a combination of experience and the industry-leading range of equipment, ICS Cool Energy has been delivering solutions for nearly 30 years.

The Solution

At a major oil refinery in the UK, delivering a substantial proportion of London’s energy, the ICS Cool Energy hire team has been ensuring continuity of supply for several years.

For cooling a process plant, water is taken from the Thames where, for four months of the year, it is too warm. Two 3602 chillers and a generator provide the cold water via a heat exchanger for a variety of process units and the hire team steps in with a boost temporary solution and new hoses which eliminates the need for capital spend on equipment that’s only needed for a short time.

“Lee and the team at ICS Cool Energy are really efficient at delivering and taking care of the whole cooling package which minimises disruption to our continuous operation cycle. They have supplied a reliable and effective service and we’ll certainly continue working with them,” said the plant’s process engineer.

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The Result

For oil refineries, the risks to health and safety are taken especially seriously, especially in the case of preventing refrigerant leaks. At a leading brand’s refinery, an ageing cooling system was operating and frequently leaking R22 refrigerant, which also needed a solution that also had to be compliant with legislation introduced in 2015.

ICS Cool Energy’s expert hire team stepped in to conduct a comprehensive site survey and creation of a full system design. It included a full three-week programme of installation with a mile of pipework, six 1.1mW chillers plus heat exchangers and nine pumps.

As the environment is highly corrosive, the hire package includes two-weekly maintenance and system checks. Its success is measured by the fact that the hire period was for an initials 20 weeks but now forms part of a more permanent arrangement.


Hire solutions are available year-round and 24/7 covering emergencies as well as the longer term with affordable and practical solutions for businesses where downtime is not an option. Full maintenance and servicing is also included within the ICs Cool Energy system hire arrangement, providing added reassurance that equipment is maintained by industry experts.

[testimonial name=”Plant Process Engineer “]”The team is very efficient in commissioning and decommissioning chiller packages, that’s a big incentive for us in keeping hassle to a minimum.”[/testimonial]

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