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Bijgewerkt: maart 14, 2017

Rescue around the clock for food production

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The Challenge

An ammonia chiller was leaking, affecting the cooling capacity and production at one of the sites of a leading UK food producer. Within hours of the call from the site’s engineering manager an ICS Cool Energy engineer was on site to assess what was needed, together with a precise delivery and installation plan that minimised interruption to production.

The Solution

The temporary equipment had to be delivered ready to be positioned on the site staff’s car park in a very short window of time – between 3am and off site by 6am, latest.

By 4pm on the day of the delivery, the new temporary cooling system was fully installed and commissioned, restoring production to its normal capacity.

Three chillers, a generator and the associated pipework were delivered and installed to take over the 740kW at -8°C cooling needs while the existing equipment was repaired. And a fuel management system was put in place for daily deliveries to keep the generator running.

  • Chillers x3
  • Generator
  • Fuel management, with daily site deliveries

The Result

“This installation needed precision planning, not only to restore full operation without delay but also working around the shift patterns. Our delivery was parked up by the set hour of 2am, ready to off-load and we were off site by 5am, well before the 6am deadline. And it was the same scenario for the end of the hire,” said Chris Easterlow, ICS Cool Energy Sales Manager, Hire.

The hire solution was on site for approximately 20 weeks with daily fuel deliveries to the 800Kva generator to keep the temporary equipment running, with the ICS Cool Energy on call 24/7.

[testimonial name=”Chris Easterlow, Sales Manager, Hire “]”We worked around the site’s shifts to minimise inconvenience, delivering the equipment at 3am prompt ready for set up and being away from the site an hour before the 6am deadline.”[/testimonial]

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