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Bijgewerkt: januari 4, 2017

short term cooling for diagnostics centre

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The Challenge

A faster than anticipated refurbishment of a medical company’s building meant that it was ready to occupy earlier than planned in the summer. But with the permanent temperature control system yet to be completed, an ICS Cool Energy temporary hire cooling solution provided the ideal answer to keep the vital biological samples intact.

The Solution

Helping millions of people worldwide every year with innovative medicines and diagnostic tests, this market- leading customer refurbished one of its biggest office buildings in southern Germany where important medical research and diagnostics is carried out.

During the hot summer, the building was completed ahead of schedule – but the essential continuous cooling to protect the samples was not.

ICS Cool Energy’s team in Germany were called in to provide a fast, short term solution to allow business to carry on while the permanent system was on its way.

  • Full site survey
  • Fast specification and installation
  • Four energy efficient, weather-proof robust Chiller 760 located outside the building
  • Low noise

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The Result

Without ICS Cool Energy’s solution, the vital work that takes place in the building could not have gone ahead as early as it did.

The fast response and installation of a high capacity cooling system meant that the completed building was able to open ahead of schedule as the constant cooling and close temperature control needed to preserve the biological samples was in full working order.

ICS Cool Energy’s heating and cooling hire solutions are widely used in business and industry to provide emergency cover in the event of a system failure, cover during planned maintenance works or for extra seasonal capacity. Many businesses also choose long term hire which helps with cash ow and avoids the need for capital expenditure.

[testimonial name=”Mathias Handsche, ICS Cool Energy, GmbH”]Our teams provide short and long term temperature control for all types of buildings and it was essential in this case that we acted fast to provide high capacity cooling so the samples were protected



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