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Bijgewerkt: juli 31, 2023

Side Stream Filtration For Food Manufacturer

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The Challenge

A large food manufacturer was struggling with water quality through their main chilled water system. They noticed sediment build-up causing issues both within the chillers and process and needed to review their water treatment program.

A full system flush was unfeasible due to the prolonged downtime required to complete it and the need to meet the production demand.

Side stream filtration servicing case study

The Solution

Following a survey by their local ICS account manager and working closely with the client, it was decided to install a side stream filtration device within the customer’s system. The selected side-stream filtration device allows continuous fluid filtration, thus didn’t involve any interruption or precious down time to the production process.

Side stream filtration passively removes both nonsoluble and soluble debris and with the option to polish the fluid at different levels all system fluid quality can be catered for. With a carefully selected filter and ongoing monitoring, this system successfully removed all the contamination that had first caused the water quality issues.

The side stream filter device used on this occasion had the added benefit of the polishing bag filter working in conjunction with strong magnetic fields that remove any ferrous particulate. These devices are installed in such a manner that they don’t compromise the cooling system’s flow rate at any time and can be maintained with no system downtime.

The Result

Debris immediately started to be captured by the side stream filter device, and within a very short period, significant debris was removed from the system.

Thanks to the success of the installation and the continuous cleaning effect, the customer decided to keep this filter unit as a permanent fixture, therefore acting as a safeguard against any future debris build-up and keeping system maintenance to a minimum.

The customer also opted for an appropriate water treatment programme to help protect the overall system.

[testimonial name=”Dave Palmer, General Manager”]At ICS Cool Energy, we take pride in working hand in hand with our customers, listening closely to their needs and keeping their industries running. The success of this project lies in the relationship-building between our dedicated service team and the customer, ensuring that their process remains operational and functioning whilst making enhancements to preserve the life of their equipment.[/testimonial]

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