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Bijgewerkt: november 10, 2016

Tasty foods for man’s best friends

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The Challenge

With millions of pets to please, speed of production in the £2.8 billion pet food market – heating and cooling – is vital. It’s why ICS Cool Energy’s team was called in to ensure maximum volumes are achieved by ensuring the heating and cooling process is closely controlled and kept to the minimum possible time.

The Solution

The process was slowed by an aging water cooled chiller, which was showing significant signs of wear, resulting in increased failure and lower production volumes as well as costing the company an increasing amount in repairs.

ICS Cool Energy’s hire team provided a fast fix – and the ideal long term solution that minimises the need for capital costs and can be factored into the monthly budget, with service support provided within the package.

ICS Cool Energy’s solution provided:

  • 2x 500kW Air Blast Coolers
  • Advanced energy and cost savings
  • Free cooling – using freely available ambient air to help chill the water and cool the process

The Result

Free cooling means that the units can provide a cost saving of 80% when the ambient air is 5°C below the discharge temperature required.

  • Savings of £787 per week in running costs
  • Annual cost savings £40,924 per annum
  • Lower carbon footprint and setting a firm example on efficiency for the future

Russ Baker, UK Sales Director of ICS Cool Energy’s Hire Division said, “With a growing production line, the customer wanted a cost effective and efficient solution to support their process. Our Air Blast Coolers not only improve the productivity, but also ensure the company continues to meet their production targets for the next three years.”


[testimonial name=”Russ Baker, Sales Director (Hire)”]Free cooling offers advanced performance and energy savings. It’s a win-win.[/testimonial]

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