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Bijgewerkt: november 10, 2016

Temperature control for biotechnology leader

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The Challenge

A UK-based world-renowned leader in biotechnology needed to expand production and required a highly specialised, high integrity close control temperature control solution for a new bio-reactor line. The system also needed to meet rigorous industry and control standards which the ICS Cool Energy solution delivered.

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The Solution

With extensive experience in providing temperature control solutions for the most demanding of environments and applications, ICS Cool Energy team was selected to provide the solution for a new bioreactor production facility.

The obvious choice to deliver the required performance and close control was the i-Temp ci 90t Thermoregulator. The i-Temp ci 90t units feature pressure sensors, a stainless steel heat exchanger and non-ferrous parts, capable of achieving consistent temperatures of up to 95°C at 9kW.
And with the system’s responsive C8 advanced control, the production processes have a comprehensive degree of fault-free temperature control.

The Result

A key part of delivering the high performance solution is the portability of the i-Temp units which means that they can be easily placed close to the production line. This means that the systems can be more closely controlled and monitored.

ICS Cool Energy Heater Division’s Sales Director, Dave Palmer comments: “On a global scale, the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are renowned for being amongst the most competitive.

“For specialised processes such as these, our range of redesigned Thermoregulators fit the bill perfectly, in this case, enabling the bioreactor manufacturer to enhance and increase their production output without ever having to worry about knock-on effects or strain on their existing facilities.”

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[testimonial name=”Dave Palmer, Sales Director, Heating”]We have many customers with highly technical and demanding needs and it’s where our advanced high integrity control systems come into their own.


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