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Gepubliceerd: november 10, 2016

Turkey cooling with all the trimmings

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The Challenge

Turkey is the top choice in around 75% of all homes to help celebrate Christmas but delivering the best birds to our tables is a special challenge for the producers, requiring large spaces with cooling and freezing facilities. It’s where ICS Cool Energy’s temporary hire solutions work perfectly.

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The Solution

ICS Cool Energy’s solutions are individually designed to meet the needs of different customers, following a full site survey, using the most extensive range of equipment for hire to meet the seasonal requirements. Solutions include:

ICS Cool Energy’s engineers recommended:

  • Process chillers
  • Air handling units
  • Sub-zero and low temperature systems
  • All connecting pipework and system glycol
  • 24 hour service support

“The majority of customers have large warehouse spaces to store their produce but need the cooling to convert existing stores into cold stores. We make a full site assessment to ensure our recommendations deliver the required -2°C for frozen produce and 8°C for refrigerated turkeys, as well as specialist sub-zero solutions,” explains Ben Davies.

The Result

For one Midlands-based farmer, ICS Cool Energy converted the store houses into temperature controlled warehouses. Ben Davies explains:
“The customer had two spaces that needed cooling, one was to be converted to a freezer measuring 1364m3 and one to be a refrigerated store at 541m3. We surveyed the site to find both warehouses offered a high level of insulation and open space for systems to be positioned both internally and externally.

“We installed low temperature air handling units internally with defrost controllers on staggered de-frost cycles to ensure a consistently low temperature could be maintained. Externally we installed an 80kW chiller for the refrigerated store and 135kW low temperature chiller to create the cooling for the freezer store.”

[testimonial name=”Ben Davies, Hire Sales Manager”]”We’ve worked with turkey farmers for many years and know how to deliver the essential cooling and freezing facilities that fit the available spaces and budgets.”[/testimonial]

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