Swift On Site Repair For Plumbing Product Manufacturer

A well-known manufacturer of plumbing products found themselves in a dire situation as their existing service provider failed to respond promptly to a critical issue with their cooling system. The initial diagnosis proposed by the service provider indicated a substantial refrigerant leak, necessitating a costly replacement of the condenser coil. This predicament led the manufacturer … Read more

Transforming Manufacturing Efficiency at West Midlands Machining Centres

For 25 years, two machining centre plants located in the West Midlands, have been dedicated to precision engineering and playing a key role in supplying components to leading truck and bus builders across the UK and Europe. In 2022, their operational efficiency faced a critical challenge due to unreliable cooling systems, threatening production continuity and … Read more

Manufacturer Of Dental Products Secures Sustainable Process Heating For The Winter

dental manufacturer image

The Challenge Responding to the market uncertainties related with rising gas prices and potential shortage, one of the leading manufactures of high-end dental products and technologies decided to move away from gas-boiler heating systems. With sustainability and decarbonization goals being an important factor in their decision-making process, the manufacturer wasn’t looking at other fossil-fueled heating … Read more

Free-Cooling Offers 59% Energy Saving For Dakin Flathers

laser cooling

The Challenge Dakin Flathers is one of Europe’s largest bandsaw and bandknife manufacturers and are renowned for their quality and customer service. Their existing temperature control equipment was reaching the end of its life-cycle and was becoming less energy efficient and more costly to operate. The company pride themselves on the quality of their metal … Read more

Critical laser cooling for sheet metal

laser cooling

The Challenge A specialist CNC turret punch press distributor providing quality tooling systems using an ‘all-in-one’ high speed laser cutting unit that also combines the ability to form, tap, bend and deburr needed a performance upgrade. With high levels of heat generated by the process, ICS Cool Energy provided the precise cooling solution. The Solution … Read more