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Chiller Hire

High performance chillers for hire to keep your process running. With our huge selection of over 500MW of chillers readily available for rapid deployment, we can cater to your specific cooling needs. From compact 3kW units to powerful 1.4MW chillers, we have a wide range to choose from. Our chiller hire units can provide liquid leaving temperatures ranging from +15°C to -40°C, all conveniently provided by a single unit.

Our low footprint packaged i-Chillers are protected in purpose built transport frames for ease of install and off hire to your exact needs. The exclusive i-Chiller range is built with integrated pumps and buffer tanks, multiple compressors and refrigeration circuits for cooling redundancy and flanged, camlock and Bauer hoses available for rapid onsite installation in all situations. A unique immersed coil in tank design enables the robust and reliable close temperature control required for critical process applications.

Since 1989 we’ve been providing chiller hire in the UK for process manufacturing applications, our technical specialists engineer are able to support any job, no matter the size from short term to up to 9 years. Working with you, our team will provide the most reliable, robust and economic for your business.

Chiller hire for manufacturing
Our i-Chiller range is designed specifically with manufacturing applications in mind. The unit’s unique evaporator is immersed within a generously sized storage tank and each unit comes with a 3-bar pump as standard (customisable up to a 5-bar pump), ensuring they can handle demanding industrial applications.

Modern & efficient chillers
ICS Cool Energy’s chiller hire fleet is on average, less than 1.5 years old, ensuring reliability and modern equipment for your business. The age of the equipment and our engineer’s approach will ensure that it is energy efficient – reducing your energy costs. You could also make further savings by considering a free cooling solution.

How it works

The chiller hire process

Supplying you with the right temperature control equipment at the right time...


Your requirements

Whether it's a breakdown or planned long-term hire, answer a few simple questions about your needs and the site location.


The right solution

Our technical engineers are on hand and can visit your site to recommend the most reliable, robust, and economical solution.


Install & commission

Our engineers will carry out the installation and won't leave your site until everything is up and running.


24/7 technical support

Throughout your hire period, our service engineers will be ready for immediate response to any issues.

Chiller Hire FAQ's

What types of chillers do you hire?

We offer air-cooled, water-cooled, heat pump, low temperature and very low temperature chillers.

My chiller has broken and I need one today, can you help?

Yes of course. We have hire chillers in stock across our depots available for immediate delivery to you.

How long can I hire a chiller for?

We have chillers to cover emergency breakdowns (a few days), seasonal requirements (months) or long-term requirements (many years). Long-term chiller hire is a fantastic alternative for the outlay required for capital purchase.

Do you just hire out the chillers?

No, we tailor each solution specifically to your business and needs. We start with a comprehensive site survey and then following delivery of the chiller to site, we can install, commission and take care of all maintenance of the chillers for you.

If I need Glycol, can you help?

Yes, we are able to provide a range of glycols and specialist secondary refrigeration mediums to suit your unique application requirements.

What industries do you cater for?

Our chillers are designed with manufacturing in mind and ideal for various industries and applications, from food/beverage & chemical/pharmaceutical through to plastics, rubber and metal production. Our equipment is also ideal for hospitals, leisure industries and data centres, often pairing up a chiller with air handling units or low temperature fan coils for HVAC and space cooling requirements.

Do you provide chiller maintenance and breakdown cover?

All hire chillers are thoroughly tested prior to despatch and commissioned by our own dedicated service engineers and benefit from ongoing preventative maintenance and breakdown cover 24/7/365.

What happens if my chiller breaks down?

We provide immediate response by telephone as triage. Many breakdowns can be quickly resolved over the phone and avoid the delay of waiting for engineer attendance. If a breakdown cannot be resolved over the phone, we provide a same day engineer visit. In the unlikely event that the engineer is unable to resolve the breakdown, we would endeavour to hire exchange as soon as possible.

How much does chiller hire cost?

The cost of chiller hire varies depending on factors such as the type of chiller, duration of hire, and any additional services required.

Are the hired chillers easy to install and operate?

We offer fully integrated chiller hire solutions, including installation and commissioning services. The control are user-friendly controls but we offer support during the hire period.

What is chiller hire?

Chiller hire refers to the process of renting or leasing temporary chiller units. Chiller hire allows businesses to meet their temporary cooling needs without the requirement of purchasing and maintaining a permanent chiller unit.

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Interested In Buying?

Our range of industry leading high-performance process chillers have been specifically designed to cope with the rigours of manufacturing and critical processes.

Need a chiller service?

We keep your industry running, no matter what. From emergency repairs to planned maintenance, our nationwide engineers ensure your systems continue to operate flawlessly.


Wij bieden betrouwbare temperatuurbeheersingsoplossingen die passen bij uw branche en toepassing. Kies hieronder uw branche en ontdek hoe wij u kunnen helpen.

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Data Centre Cooling

Requiring low temperatures for continuous operation and peak performance, data centre cooling requirements are high. Our industrial hire chillers (up to 1.2MW) and portable air conditioning solutions can provide the standard of cooling required to keep data centres running. Our hire chiller range is designed with the highest levels of efficiency in mind and are perfectly suited to being positioned in enclosed spaces such as data centres. The chiller hire range has also been designed and developed to offer the smallest equipment available on the market. This design, coupled with low power consumption, ensures our units are perfect for data centre applications. We have worked in the data centre cooling industry since its inception, providing equipment and service regardless of footprint or location. By providing services such as remote monitoring and ongoing maintenance, we are the perfect partner to ensure your data centre operates without interruption or thermal throttling. <strong>Why choose us as your data centre cooling partner?</strong> It’s typically a data centre industry standard to have a back-up plan in the event of an equipment failure. To support you with critical N+1 planning, we can survey your site and create a contingency plan for you. We can hold equipment at our depots and arrange immediate delivery in an emergency. Our team of technically trained chiller engineers have vast experience in Data Centre cooling, providing specialist engineering support and rental services. Beginning with a detailed survey of your server rooms and existing equipment, to the delivery, installation and commissioning of cooling equipment, we will take care of every aspect of your cooling requirements.

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Emergency chiller hire thumbnail

Emergency Chiller Hire

Whether your emergency is for a critical operation, manufacturing process or HVAC requirement our emergency chiller hire will minimise downtime to keep your operation cool. We stock more than 500MW of rental chillers for next day delivery with emergency chiller hire ranging from 3kW to 1.4MW and water leaving temperatures of +15°C to -40°C. In an emergency, you need a fast and expert service. Our nationwide team of specialist engineers can survey your site and arrange same day delivery and when emergencies happen out of hours we can still deliver, install and commission 24/7 every day of the year to keep your operation running. Since 1989 we have responded to emergency chiller rental needs across all industrial, manufacturing and HVAC applications. We understand downtime is critical and costly and will work with you to provide the best solution for your business in the fastest possible time. <strong>Why choose us for emergency chiller hire?</strong> Whether you need equipment quickly to cover a breakdown, require additional kit to cover periods of high ambient temperature or increased demand – we can support your project with contract terms to suit you. With chillers available for immediate hire, we can survey your site and arrange delivery of equipment the same day. With our 24/7 operation, we can deliver, install and commission out of hours too – minimising your downtime and disruption to your operation.

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Ice rink chiller hire thumbnail

Ice Rink Chiller Hire

Our dedicated team provides ice rink chiller hire solutions to over 120 projects across the UK and mainland Europe a year, providing units specifically designed for ice rink applications, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your customers. We can either manage the site in its entirety – providing an entire ice rink solution, without any further support needed from the location, or work with your existing equipment and partners to provide ice rink chillers suitable for your requirements. We have been in the industrial chiller market since 1989, giving us the knowledge we need to support your ice rink project from the ground up, from maintaining the chillers to an entire rink installation. <strong>Why use us as your ice rink chiller partner?</strong> We have experience in both working with event businesses to work with them to provide the chillers units and the maintenance support as well as managing ice rink projects outright without any additional support, meaning we can work with you no matter the scope of your project.

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Low temperature chiller hire thumbnail

Low Temperature Chiller Hire

Ideal for specialist applications, our low-temperature chiller hire range can provide ultra-low water leaving temperatures between -10°C and -40°C from a single unit. The units feature ‘Class A’ graded efficiency components including Frascold screw compressors – known for providing high levels of reliability when in use. Our -40°C ultra-low temperature rental chillers are bespoke, designed to be housed in a 10ft ISO container, ensuring easy delivery and installation to your site. Optional hydraulic modules are also available, carrying rated run & standby circulation pumps and a buffer tank with a fill and vent system. We have provided low temperature, industrial chillers for specialist applications for over 30 years, working with businesses in all industries to ensure their projects run successfully. Our hire agreement with you covers all requirements, from installation and delivery, to maintenance for the lifetime of your project. <strong>Why use us as your low temperature chiller partner?</strong> Our hire agreements are tailored to the length of your project, so you won’t waste budget on equipment maintenance or capital expenditure. We’ll ensure you meet seasonal or contractual demands quickly – we can offer same day delivery in emergency situations. These specialist systems have been utilised for many temporary process cooling requirements including clinical trials and new product lines as well as with very low temperature air handlers to deliver low temperature freezer rooms and simulating harsh environments for product testing in automotive and aviation industries.

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Process cooling hire thumbnail

Process Cooling Hire

We are the UK's specialists in process cooling hire for process temperature control across all critical operations. We stock more than 500MW of process cooling chillers for rapid deployment, including same and next day delivery, from 3kW to 1.4MW with liquid leaving temperatures from +15°C to -40°C from a single unit. Our exclusive i-Chillers are specifically built for demanding process applications. The integrated pumps and buffer tanks with unique immersed coil evaporators give the robust and reliable close temperature control required for critical process applications. Process-specific i-Chillers also have multiple compressors and refrigeration circuits for cooling redundancy and to minimise any risk from single points of failure. We have been the leaders in process cooling hire since 1989 and our technical specialist engineers can support any job, no matter the size from short term to up to 9 years. Working with you, our team will provide the most reliable, robust and economic solution for your business. <strong>Why use us as your process cooling hire partner?</strong> Our i-Chiller range is designed specifically with manufacturing applications in mind. The unit’s unique evaporator is immersed within a generously sized storage tank and each unit comes with a 3-bar pump as standard (customisable up to a 5-bar pump), ensuring they can handle demanding industrial applications.

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Temporary Chiller Hire Thumbnail

Temporary Chiller Hire

We are the UK's experts in temporary chiller hire for all process and comfort applications. Whether your temporary need is for seasonal demand or you are expanding, upgrading, modifying, replacing, maintaining or even relocating, we can help keep your critical operation running. We stock more than 500MW of temporary chillers to rent for next day delivery from 3kW to 1.4MW and water leaving temperatures of +15°C to -40°C. The installation of a temporary chiller hire needs to be safe, quick and effective. Our packaged i-Chillers are protected in transport frames for ease of transport and install, have low footprints with integrated components and can be quickly and safely installed with flanged, camlock or Bauer hoses for all onsite situations. For temporary chiller hire needs from just weeks to over 9 years we have experience of installing temporary chillers since 1989. Working with you, our team of technical specialists engineers will provide the best solution for your business. <strong>Why use us as your temporary chiller hire partner?</strong> On average, our chiller units are less than 1.5 years old, ensuring reliability and modern equipment for your business. We use the latest technology and all of our chiller units meet EcoDesign compliance. We also offer Dry Air Coolers alongside our chiller units to deliver Free Cooling and partial Free Cooling – reducing your energy consumption and costs when the ambient temperature drops. Following an initial on-site survey, your dedicated engineer will specify a solution to meet your exact needs. Delivery, installation and commissioning of your equipment will be arranged and carried out. We will take care of the full project for you and can also provide ongoing remote monitoring of your chillers too, so you can rest assured that they continue working efficiently and you’re well supported for 24/7 technical back-up.

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Your heat pump options thumbnail

Your Heat Pump Options

There is energy that is free in most industrial buildings as a result of heat produced by chillers used for cooling manufacturing processes and facilities. This heat can be recovered, harnessed and used to heat other industrial processes.

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