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Updated: May 22, 2020

Post-Lockdown Chiller Maintenance Checklist

Many businesses have or will begin to re-open following lockdown. For facilities that have not been in operation with chillers that have been turned off for some time, it is recommended that the following simple maintenance steps are undertaken to ensure that equipment performs efficiently.



If the power to your chiller was switched off:


At least one day before you require the chiller to be in use, reinstate the power to allow the compressor crankcase heaters to warm up the oil and burn off any refrigerant liquid. Then complete the following steps:


Inspect the water system(s), the chiller and surrounding area for evidence of water leaks; locate any leak and repair

  • Check system water tank levels and top up to working levels as necessary with the correct fluid
  • In closed systems, check the static water pressure and make up as required
  • Vent any air which may be present in the chiller and chilled fluid system
  • Check antifreeze mixture concentration where appropriate
  • Check the immediate surrounding area is free from debris and foreign matter
  • Check that the condenser air intake face is clean and free from any obstruction
  • Check any air intake filter is clean
  • Check fan exhausts are clear of any obstruction
  • Check any refrigeration gauges show a positive pressure



If it is safe to do so, and the crankcase heaters have been energised for 24 hours, you may start the chiller, then complete the following steps:


  1. Check water pump delivery pressures are as they should be (as they were before shutdown)
  2. Check that there are no alarms showing on the controller/display
  3. Check for any unusual noise and/or vibration
  4. Recheck the water system for leaks
  5. Recheck all tank levels and top-up as necessary


Before your chiller is restarted, we strongly recommend that a water sample is taken and sent for a full laboratory analysis. With the system having time to settle during lockdown, it is an ideal time to check this. Water samples should be taken from several places in the system to provide a full picture.


ICS Cool Energy provide water treatment support as part of our comprehensive planned preventative maintenance programmes. Our F-Gas qualified technicians can reach your site fast from our multiple locations, providing the benefits of a local partner with industry leading experience and service. In addition, we are able to offer back-up equipment and contingency plans, should you have a breakdown or require more equipment on a short or long term basis.

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