Full Turnkey Temperature Control Solutions

From survey and design to commissioning and maintenance - for all your temperature control needs

Our Solutions

As the market leading specialists in complete temperature control for over 30 years, our technically trained engineers can provide cooling, heating and temperature control solutions to your exact requirements, so you can benefit from unrivaled control, and reduced operational costs.

We can work with you long-term too - we have over 45 trained maintenance engineers nationwide and dedicated 24/7 technical support to ensure your equipment is well-maintained and continues to work efficiently - both now and in the future.

For added reassurance, we can provide a contingency plan with emergency hire equipment to safeguard your operation.

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Specifically designed for manufacturing processes

Temperature Control Units for applications up to 400°C

Energy efficient cooling for a wide range of industries

Products & Services

- Advanced temperature control units (TCUs) for process temperatures up to 400°C
- Energy efficient industrial chillers and cooling solutions for temperatures down to -40°C
- Site survey and application consultation
- In-house design services and project management
- Dedicated technical support and 24/7 breakdown service
- Complete end-to-end solutions and warranties up to 5 years for your peace of mind

Process Chillers, HVAC Chillers & Heat Pumps

Adiabatic Coolers, Dry Air Coolers & Cooling Towers

Water & Oil Temperature Control Units

Installation, Maintenance & Water Treatment

Industries Where We Make it Work

We specialise in process temperature control, heating and cooling for manufacturing industries including plastics, food, beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, rubber, packaging and metal processing.

We work with both end-users, OEMs and trade companies to deliver cost-effective, reliable solutions to meet specific requirements.

We also provide energy efficient cooling solutions for data centres and comfort cooling solutions for facilities including gyms, hotels and offices.

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Why not pick up the phone and talk to our friendly and experienced team? We make it easy - whether your need is big, small, long or short term, we're here to help.

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