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i-Temp Compact base.line

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i-Temp Compact base.line

Up to 180°C
Flow rate up to 200 l/min
Direct & indirect cooling
Cold water versions

In terms of its efficiency and user-friendliness, the base.line series is in line with the current “simpler“ market standard which is based on peripheral pumps.

Designed and manufactured specifically for ICS Cool Energy in the UK, i-Temp Compact base.line offers extremely reliable, high quality German engineering. The temperature control units of the base.line are our investment-cost-optimsed standard units for an economical temperature control with water at temperatures up to 180 °C and flow rates up to 200 l/min. They offer a heating capacity of between 6 and 36kW.

The base.line unit with its simple operation keyboard display is the preferred solution for many applications with an excellent price/performance ratio.

High levels of reliability

Utilise the latest in TCU technology

All-in-one solution

Perfect for local or global deployment

Keyboard operation

basicControl with display of set and actual temperatures

  • Simple operation via membrane keyboard with 7-segment display
  • 3 bar pump as standard
  • BasicControl micro controller
  • Stainless steel "longlife“ heating cartridge
  • Long-life peripheral impeller pump without mechanical seal
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Splash-proof control cabinet acc. to IP 54
  • Ready for connection with supply cable and CEE socket
  • Interface port integrated in the front of the unit (e.g. for optional interface analog, serial, Profibus, Profinet or OPC UA)
  • Optional external sensor connection
  • Housing and hood: RAL 7012 basalt gray
  • Side panels:red
  • Specifications


    Versioni-Temp Compactcd 95 base 60ci 95 base 60 se (01)ci 95 base 60 se (02)ci 95 base 60 se (03)ci 95 base 60ci 95 base 150ci 95 base 200ci 140 base 60ci 160 base 60ci 180 base 60ct 130 base 60cw 25 base 4cw 25 base 10
    MediumWaterWaterWaterWaterWaterWaterWaterWaterWaterWaterThermal oilWaterWater
    Temperature max°C959595959595951401601801300 - 250 - 25
    Heating capacitykW97,5 - 98,2 - 9,86,1 - 9,899 - 18 - 27 - 369 - 18 - 27 - 369996--
    Cooling capacitykW52237575232502501201204030410
    Dimensions (DxWxH)mm662 x 280 x 611678 x 250 x 594678 x 250 x 594678 x 250 x 594662 x 280 x 611849 x 399 x 752849 x 395 x 752807 x 280 x 611807 x 280 x 611807 x 280 x 611662 x 280 x 611921 x 250 x 6111281 x 399 x 752

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