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Available in both chiller and reversible heat pump configurations, with environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A, featuring rotary or scroll compressors and plate heat exchangers; the pump and buffer tank are included within the package.


34kW – 885kW Multiscroll Chillers and Heat Pumps

34kW – 885kW Cooling Capacity
35.8kW – 871kW Heating Capacity

Units offer flexible cooling and heating options for various sites and size of applications, featuring three different noise versions ensuring maximum comfort and efficiency.


87kW – 2240kW – Air & Water Cooled Chillers with Screw Compressors

150kW – 1,229kW Cooling Capacity
150kW – 871kW Heating Capacity

Eurovent accredited air and water cooled range of chillers feature the latest semi-hermetic screw compressor technology working with low noise options for industrial and HVAC applications.


220kW – 1949kW Air & Water Cooled Chillers with Turbocor Compressor

220kW – 1,949kW Cooling Capacity
287kW – 1,995kW Heating Capacity

Air and water cooled chillers operate with an advanced control interface which regulates and adapts to provide the highest efficiency for all load conditions.


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