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8 Top Tips For Using Glycol In Your Chiller

glycol for chillers

Contents 1. Do not use antifreeze intended for cars 2. Use the correct Glycol for your application and product 3. Only use inhibited glycol in your chiller 4. Don’t mix different types of glycol 5. Check environmental regulations surrounding your equipment 6. Use the correct dosage of Glycol 7. Mixing Glycol with the right water … Read more

Glycol Dosing Chart – Chilled Water System Protection

If you’re looking for the answer to ‘How much glycol do you put in a chilled water system?’ this is the right post for you. Glycol is a staple in all chiller-based cooling systems operating at or below 6˚C, adding antifreeze protection. It’s recommended that you use a high-quality glycol with built-in OAT inhibitor packs … Read more

Ten Tips For Using Glycol in Chillers and Chilled Water Systems

Water Treatment and analysis

Never use automotive anti-freeze Automotive antifreeze is formulated for engine cooling and can cause problems with flow rates/ pressures and reduced heat transfer. Only use inhibited glycol Uninhibited glycol and water mixtures are very corrosive. Inhibitors protect against corrosion, scale and rust and act as a pH buffer and a biocide. Never use less than 25% Glycol, this will ensure … Read more

Get to grips with glycol – the hidden danger for food processing

After hygiene, precise temperature control is of vital importance for the food and beverage industries. It applies in terms of regulating the working environment as well as specific production processes – to ensure consistent quality throughout the year. But many manufacturers are mistakenly overlooking one element of their cooling systems. And this could pose a … Read more

NSF Glycol for compliance in food and beverage applications

Leading temperature control specialist, ICS Cool Energy, has launched an important new development in food processing safety with the introduction of FlowCool-FS. It is a food and beverage glycol fluid that’s fully accredited by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for use within secondary refrigeration systems, where accidental contact with food is a possibility. The new … Read more