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Our industry leading process cooling and heating solutions have become synonymous with build quality, energy efficiency, temperature consistency and reliability. By using our highly dependable equipment, manufacturers can rest assured their products are being operated at optimum performance temperatures.

This not only helps to protect your equipment when in use, but it also serves to protect the brand name and reputation you’ve worked hard to build up within your industry.


Utilise the latest refrigeration technologies for unrivaled cooling capacity, energy savings and reliability for process operations.  Our advanced compressors and heat exchangers provide precise temperature control in a compact and cost-effective manner. 

Our units are equipped with intelligent controls that optimize performance and energy usage. These controls constantly monitor the system’s operation and make real-time adjustments to ensure maximum efficiency.

Chiller Modifications


Our fully packaged chillers and temperature control units are highly adaptable with modifications being made by our engineers on-site at our UK headquarters.  

We can also cater for any equipment modifications that may be required when selling your products overseas.

Different electrical supply voltages, water qualities, temperatures, available utilities and extreme weather conditions may affect the constraints and demands put on your equipment, so a ‘one size fits all’ approach might not be right for your international product ranges. 

Whether you require an additional pump, heat exchanger, water circuit or something completely bespoke, we are on hand to find a reliable and efficient temperature control solution for every product you manufacture.

Our spare parts department


Manufacturing our own chillers allows us to have immediate access to all the spare parts needed for maintenance, repairs and modifications.

This streamlined spare parts access ensures efficient and quick turnaround times for any required replacements, minimising downtime and disruptions to your cooling systems.

Our service technicians replenish van stock overnight too – ensuring your downtime is minimised.

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We possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in these areas to ensure the products you supply to your customers come equipped with the most reliable and energy-efficient temperature control solutions available on the market. 

We don’t just manufacture, deliver, install and stock the widest range of off-the-shelf packaged chillers and temperature control units, we also provide engineered skids to modify our standard equipment to your exact project requirements and specifications.

This not only saves you time and development costs, but it also serves to improve your system reliability by taking our tried and tested equipment and adding reliable modifications to them.  

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