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2000 kW Boiler Hire

Boiler 2000

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Boiler 2000

Boiler 2000

1,950 KW Industrial boiler hire

Temperature range up to 90°C

Our Boiler 2000 is designed for reliable and safe operation with flexible hoses and temperatures up to 90°C.

It’s steel container enables external siting and increased protection from environmental elements. The container also means it can be easily positioned with a fork-lift and connected to your system for a fast rental set-up.

Furthermore, the units feature safety devices, system protection, diaphragm expansion tank, and frost protection.

94% fuel efficiency
Reliable and safe operation
Fuel supply & remote monitoring
Frost protection


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2000 kW Boiler Hire

Boiler 2000

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Heating Capacity1950 kW
Max Fluid Outlet Temperature90 °C
Safety Valve RatingBar
Run CurrentA
Electrical Connection63A 5-Pin CEE Plug
Supply Voltage400 V
Supply Phases3 Ph
Supply Frequency50 Hz
Fluid ConnectionDN150 PN16 Flange
Expansion Vessel Primary1500 Litre
Width2435 mm
Height28 mm
Internal VolumeLitre


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