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i-Chiller 40 - 40 kW Chiller Hire

i-Chiller 40

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i-Chiller 40

i-Chiller 40

40 kW process chiller hire

Temperature range -10°C to 20°C

Our i-Chiller 40, which provides a reduced footprint, lower power usage and is part of a 10 model range capable of offering between 1kW and 50kW of cooling.

Our chiller range all contain a circulation pump and thermal buffer tank capable of receiving variable load conditions and providing stable return temperatures. This full packaged 40 kW chiller unit can be supplied with ferrous or non-ferrous circuit, together with a wide range of connecting valves and hoses to help connect on to customers specific systems.

Integrated thermal buffer tank
Coil in tank evaporator
Compact footprint
Plug & play


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i-Chiller 40 - 40 kW Chiller Hire

i-Chiller 40

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Process Fluid Outlet Temperature7 °C
Process Fluid Inlet Temperature12 °C
Ambient Temperature30 °C
Cooling Capacity35.9 kW
Minimum Fluid Outlet Temperature-10 °C
Maximum Fluid Inlet Temperature35 °C
Minimum Ambient Operating Temperature-5 °C
Maximum Ambient Operating Temperature46 °C
Cooling Capacity -20°c Fluid Outlet +30°c AmbientkW
P3 Pump Performance +7°c Outlet +30°c Ambient6.41 m³/hr
Maximum Fluid Flow Rate - P3 Pump18 m³/hr
Minimum Fluid Flow Rate - P3 Pump2.6 m³/hr
Maximum Power Absorbed19 kW
Electrical Power Connections32A 5-Pin CEE Plug
Electrical Supply Voltage400 V
Electrical Supply Phases3 PH
Electrical Supply Frequency50
Process Fluid Connections2" Bauer
Sound Pressure54 db(A) @10m
Length Inc Frame2540 mm
Width Inc Frame1020 mm
Height Inc Frame1875 mm
Weight Inc Frame670 kg


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