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7 models available
18kW - 406kW
Huge energy saving potential

The FC4TAE chiller is an industrial refrigeration air-cooled chiller for outdoor installation specifically designed for deep freezing applications with an air-cooled chiller.

This chiller provides unrivalled reliability and safety, utilising the latest state of the art freezing technologies. This technology delivers a market leading lowest charge of refrigerant (70 kgs), without sacrificing any freezing capacity or energy efficiency. It is ideal for deep freezing processes requiring heat transfer fluids between -12°C and -30°C.

5 year warranty

For complete assurance of quality

Environmentally responsible

Improve carbon footprint

Plug & play

Fully packaged & compact footprint

High energy cost savings

Payback in as little as 3 months

Easy to retrofit

Quickly improve your cooling system

Reduced mechanical load

Extend the life of your equipment

Independant or integral solution

Free cooling works with either a chiller with a built-in free cooling coil or a free cooler working in series with a chiller. The latter is more efficient, due to the larger surface area provided by the air cooler. Our Free Coolers can cool the full duty for much larger parts of the year in lower ambient temperatures, they yield much higher energy and cost savings and improved carbon footprint of chilled water systems.



Version FC4TAE 051FC4TAE 161FC4TAE 351FC4TAE 602FC4TAE 802FC4ALL 300FC4ALL 450
Cooling powerkW18,344,475,2133184,2265,8406,7
Total free-cooling temperature°C1,7-1-1,1-0,8-1,250,40,7
Water pressure dropbar0,20,560,490,50,290,520,67
Lengthmm760 7608661410141014102190


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