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Fan Heater 42

Fan Heater 42

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Fan Heater 42

Fan Heater 42

42 kW Fan Heater Hire

Portable and fast to install

Our heating range is entirely portable and fast to install, providing heat within seconds.

The Fan Heater 42 is ideal for heating warehouses, production areas and storage areas. The unit is free-standing and can direct warm air to specific areas by utilising air ducts situated in the front of the unit.

3-pin plug
Safe heat
Compact design


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Fan Heater 42

Fan Heater 42

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Heating Capacity42 kW
Delta T57 K
Airflow M3hr4000 m3/hr
Maximum Air Off Temperature No Ductingm3/hr
Max Running Current62 A
Supply VoltageV
Supply FrequencyHz
Sound Pressure62.5 db(A) @10m
Outlet Ducting Spigot Diametermm


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