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Automotive Temperature Control


There’s a serious demand for speed and quality in automotive manufacturing. Precise temperature control is pivotal in your process to ensure every component of a vehicle including glass, plastic, tyres and panels are perfectly formed and machinery for testing and engineering processes are kept working at the optimum temperature. 

Our full turnkey, energy-efficient temperature control solutions including industrial chillers and temperature control units provide reliability in the most demanding processes.

Reliability you can count on

High-volume production must be perfect every time, with no room for defects. Our own manufacturing process adheres to ISO9000 standards, so we know what is required for production quality assurance.

Battery temperature controls

Our solutions extend to critical areas such as battery temperature control, vital for maximising battery lifespan and performance in electric vehicles.

Component testing

Our solutions include cold storage and environmental chambers that simulate a wide range of environmental conditions, ensuring that every product meets the rigorous demands of real-world operation.

Free cooling technology


In line with the automotive industry’s focus on environmental sustainability, our systems are engineered to improve production efficiency while reducing energy consumption.

Our free cooling chiller technologies take advantage of lower ambient temperatures to cool systems naturally, significantly cutting energy use and supporting your commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices.

Full project management


We will provide a detailed on-site process consultation to fully understand your process and temperature needs, which will enable us to design and specify the most effective temperature control solutions. 

Our in-house design and project management team will configure temperature control solutions to your exact requirements – enabling you to produce high quality products, consistently. We can completely manage the whole project for you from concept to commissioning and ongoing maintenance. 

Our comprehensive service includes ongoing maintenance and support, ensuring your operations remain at the cutting edge of safety, efficiency, and productivity. 

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