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To get the perfect finish and flavour, temperature control is a critical element of the food production process.  Even the slightest temperature change or production downtime can have a huge knock-on effect on batch quality, so ignoring it can be a very expensive mistake.  

We can assist with heating and cooling of jacketed vessels & pipework, the heating up & cooling down of mixing tanks, enrobers and packaging machinery as well as providing temporary cold storage solutions, all whilst keeping your facilities at the right temperature according to seasonal demands.

Ensure product quality and safety

Intelligence is built into our systems, which will adjust for changes in the ambient air and factory cooling water temperatures. A batch made in August will be the same quality as one made in January.

Thrive during peak demand 

Be peak season prepared with a supplier that can match your production demands. With the largest hire fleet available in the UK, you can be certain we’ll have the right equipment delivered to you at the right time. 

Protect your produce

Helping keep the food supply chain in full flow is our priority and we assist this with our comprehensive planned preventative maintenance plans, courtesy rental and complete asset management solutions. 

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Whether the solution is equipment purchase or hire, the common denominator is advanced performance and energy efficiency.  

By using high-performance equipment with free cooling technology (making the most of the freely available ambient air) it’s possible to slash energy bills by up to 70%. 

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We can completely manage the whole project for you from concept to commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

The process will start with a detailed on-site process consultation to fully understand your production and temperature needs, which will enable us to design and specify the most effective temperature control solutions.  

Our equipment is cleaned and maintained to meet the strictest food industry hygiene standards – ensuring you have water that really is potable. All our products are supplied as a complete package, with hygienic hoses – all with the aim of minimising contamination risks.

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