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In the leisure industry, creating the perfect environment is key to ensuring guest satisfaction and driving repeat business.

Whether it’s maintaining the ideal swimming pool temperature, ensuring a comfortable climate in fitness centers, or providing a cozy ambiance in spa facilities, precise temperature control plays a crucial role in delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Our comprehensive range of temperature control solutions includes heating, cooling, and ventilation systems tailored to the specific requirements of leisure facilities. With a focus on efficiency, reliability, and sustainability, we help you create and maintain the perfect environment for your guests, all year round. 

Creating comfort

Our temperature control solutions are designed to maintain optimal conditions in every area of your facility, from workout areas and locker rooms to relaxation zones and dining spaces.

Energy-efficient solutions

Whether it’s through advanced heat recovery systems, eco-friendly refrigerants, or intelligent control technologies, we provide solutions that are good for your business and for the planet. 

Scalable systems

We can accommodate everything from small boutique gyms to large leisure complexes, ensuring that our systems can grow and adapt with your business.

Ice Rink chiller leisure


Our chiller hire fleet is ideal for temporary ice rink cooling. Every winter we support over 120 projects across the UK and mainland Europe, providing units specifically designed for ice rink applications, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your customers.

Full project management


We pride ourselves on providing exceptional after-sales support and maintenance services. Our team of experts is available to ensure your temperature control systems operate efficiently and reliably, minimizing downtime and ensuring your guests always enjoy the perfect environment. With our comprehensive maintenance plans, you can have peace of mind knowing your facilities are in good hands. 


Chiller Hire

Our portable heater range contains fan heaters, IDF heaters, and more.

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Temperature control units