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Heat Pump 350

Heat Pump 350

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Heat Pump 350

Heat Pump 350

363KW Heat pump hire

Temperatures from -12°C to +65°C
energy-saving scroll compressors

Our range of reversible heat pump chillers are capable of offering cooling or heating from one single source. The Heat Pump 350 includes 4 of the latest energy-saving scroll compressors and dual integral run/standby circulation pumps. These provide cooling down to -12°C and heating up to +65°C for leaving water temperatures.

Compact footprint
Quick installation
Year round efficiency


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Heat Pump 350

Heat Pump 350

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Cooling Capacity335 kW
Heating Capacity363 kW
Heating Capacity Fluid Outlet Temperature45 °C
Heating Capacity Fluid Inlet Temperature40 °C
Heating Capacity Ambient Temperature7 °C
Cooling Capacity Fluid Outlet Temperature7 °C
Cooling Capacity Fluid Inlet Temperature12 °C
Cooling Capacity Ambient Temperature30 °C
Cooling Capacity Min Duty @-5°c With 35% Ethylene Glycol223 kW
Electrical Connections12mm Lugs A
Fluid Connections4" Camlock


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