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i-Heat Pump 145

i-Heat Pump 145

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i-Heat Pump 145

i-Heat Pump 145

140 kW Heat Pump Chiller Hire

Temperatures from -10°C to +50°C

Our range of reversible heat pump chillers are capable of offering cooling or heating from one single source.

Our i-Heat Pump 145 has an integral thermal buffer tank. This heat pump offers a wide temperature range of -10°C to +50°C. The unit is also supplied with an integral process pump together with quick-release water and power connections for a fast start-up. With low noise operation and compact footprint, the i-Heat Pump 145 is fully packaged to simplify installation on site with easy set up & control.

Compact footprint
Quick installation
Year round efficiency


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i-Heat Pump 145

i-Heat Pump 145

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Cooling Capacity119 kW
Heating Capacity140 kW
Heating Capacity Fluid Outlet Temperature45 °C
Heating Capacity Fluid Inlet Temperature40 °C
Heating Capacity Ambient Temperature7 °C
Cooling Capacity Fluid Outlet Temperature7 °C
Cooling Capacity Fluid Inlet Temperature12 °C
Cooling Capacity Ambient Temperature30 °C
Cooling Capacity Min Duty @-5°c With 35% Ethylene Glycol65 kW
Electrical Connections125A 5-Pin CEE Plug A
Fluid Connections2" Bauer


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