Protecting Your Production

Preventative maintenance and condition based monitoring


To ensure your temperature control solutions continue to operate efficiently and cost-effectively, we offer a complete maintenance and back-up service which can be tailored to your operation. Our nationwide network of engineers are fully qualified, F-Gas certified and highly rated by our customers – providing a local, personal service with the reassurance of a leading manufacturer’s quality standards.

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Available Services
Cooling, temperature control and HVAC solutions designed for your site footprint, operation and production requirements.
We'll protect your investment in process temperature equipment and prolong the lifespan of your chilled water systems through effective maintenance programmes.
Chiller Energy Analysis - We'll help you reduce your energy costs and emissions
Refrigeration Oil Analysis
Refrigeration Oil Analysis, Ref-Cleanse Refrigerant Circuit Cleaning & Recycling
Heat Recovery
Heat Recovery - Recycle waste heat from your processes for other applications
Adiabatic Enhancements - Improve the efficiency and reliability of your cooling equipment
Variable Speed Frequency Drives - meet varying system flow rate requirements and increase energy efficiency
Water treatment - water quality checks, laboratory analysis and programmes to ensure your chilled water systems are healthy
Water Treatment and analysis
Industrial and Food grade formulated Glycol and water treatment programmes to ensure your chilled water systems are maintained correctly.
Our dedicated technical and experienced UK wide service engineer teams are on hand around the clock to ensure your operation is backed up.
Observe remotely and review an audit trail of energy consumption and process temperatures through a simple, easy to use and accessible interface.
Each one of our units comes with a standard warranty of 3 years and the opportunity to extend this to 5 years on selected models.
TM44 Inspection - The Importance of Water Treatment
We can help you keep your air-conditioning and cooling equipment compliant with energy regulations and your operational running costs low.
To save you time and money, we stock a comprehensive range of spare parts for immediate dispatch to anywhere in the UK and overseas.
F-Gas compliance comes as standard with our planned preventative maintenance programmes.
chiller service technical manual
To help with our environmental policy we encourage the use of electronic service records. We also offer hard copy service manuals where required and can personalise these to your business.
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