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Updated: November 22, 2017

Moth balling Manufacturing facility with energy efficient hire solution

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The Challenge

A manufacturing facility was to be kept unused for an extended period with the option of it being brought back into use quickly at any time. To ensure the area in question was kept in tip top condition it was necessary to keep it heated throughout the unused period. However, it would not be economic to fire the facilities large boilers for this purpose.

The Solution

Following an extensive survey, it was decided that with a small modification to the infrastructure an ICS Cool Energy temporary hire boiler could be used to provide heating – a far more energy efficient solution than running the large boilers at part capacity. A 600 kW boiler complete with large capacity bulk fuel tank was delivered to the site and installed. As the site would be unmanned it was a requirement that the equipment could be monitored remotely. Thanks to our equipment we were able to be monitor remotely ensuring this could be done with a minimum presence on site.

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The Result

The manufacturing facility remained ready for use with low level heating, ensuring the equipment was kept in tip top conditions. This was achieved at a fraction of the cost of using the encumbered boilers due to the ICS Cool Energy’s high efficiency equipment.

[testimonial name=”ICS Cool Energy”]“The facility required low level heat in a consistent and reliable supply, our equipment was able to be monitored remotely ensuring this could be done with minimum presence on site.”[/testimonial]

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