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R454b Refrigerant

R454b Refrigerant

Whilst the EU market was 71% R-410a for new equipment sold in 2020, new lower GWP refrigerants such as R-454b are poised to take over from 2021. R-454b is an HFO (Hydro Olefin) refrigerant made by blending the single component R-32 refrigerant with R-1234yf giving some unique advantages. R-32 on its own has a high … Read more

Reduce Manufacturing Costs – Boost Your Green Credentials

Energy Efficiency

Reduce Manufacturing Costs – Boost Your Green Credentials Energy consumption is typically the single biggest cost for manufacturers. In 2014, the UK’s energy consumption was equivalent to 142.8 million tonnes of oil, of which certain industrial groups consumed 24 million tonnes alone – a little under a fifth of the total[1]. It will come as … Read more

Refrigerant selection – the balancing act

Refrigerant selection

Refrigerant selection has become an extremely complex task with F-gas legislation requiring a reduction in the use of HFC refrigerants and a move towards the use of refrigerants with lower global warming potential (GWP). There is no off-the shelf solution when it comes to refrigerants, particularly for low temperature applications. It’s a balancing act between … Read more