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5 Tips To Reduce Your Process Cooling Energy Costs

reduce process cooling costs

Refrigeration accounts for a high proportion of overall site energy costs, most notably cooling for food, drink, chemical, and pharmaceutical processes where up to 90% of energy costs can be accounted for by refrigeration. Top 5 tips to help reduce costs in process cooling systems 1. Keep your chilled system maintained frequently Industrial and process … Read more

What Is A Chiller? Core Uses, Types & How They Work

At its core, a chiller is a refrigeration system designed to remove heat through a vapor-compression, absorption, or adsorption refrigeration cycle. The primary objective is to cool a fluid or dehumidify air in an industrial or commercial setting. Simply put, a chiller is a machine that cools things down. It removes heat from a liquid … Read more

Lower Your Energy Costs With Free Cooling – The Sustainable Approach

What is free cooling?

Reducing energy consumption is a crucial component of our global effort to reduce carbon emissions. The more efficient we can make our processes, the lower our carbon output and the more sustainable we become. In industry, there is not one golden rule to reduce consumption, rather it’s a combination of multiple small wins, that when … Read more


A manufacturer was struggling to maintain suitable water/glycol temperature to cool their Switch Room because their incumbent dry-air liquid cooler had seen better days (pictured left). As a result of the temperature control issues effecting their cooling equipment, they were losing £££ on days when the ambient temperature approached the mid 20’s. So they contacted … Read more


A 900kW (nominal) air cooled rental chiller being ‘lifted & shifted’ into position at a food processors manufacturing facility. The chiller lowered the site water temperature by 10⁰C, which in turn increased their throughput; equalling an additional £60k of products manufactured every 24hrs! For a small outlay, ICS Cool Energy have helped this customer exceed … Read more

Chiller Energy Analysis

ICS Cool Energy can undertake a Chiller Energy Analysis. A detailed overview and full report is produced containing equipment performance, efficiency and recommendations for system improvements including a payback period. We are committed to providing energy efficient solutions to improve and protect our customers’ temperature control systems. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and best … Read more

Chiller install at cereal manufacturer

Here you can see a recent hire install at a global breakfast cereal manufacturer. The customer needed cooling for part of their production process whereby they required a 1000kW of cooling duty and provide 11-degree cold water to their application. They opted to hire this equipment to cover essential maintenance repair on existing temperature control … Read more

RTAF245 chiller for dairy

Last week’s installation of a RTAF245 chiller providing essential cooling to a fan coil system in the despatch area of a large dairy in Leeds. At this facility, it is integral that their products are stored at precise temperatures before they leave and start their journey towards supermarkets and the final customer. Our installation team … Read more

120kW i-Chiller for bakery application

We recently received an order to replace an old 120kW chiller for a bakery application. The customers required accurate 6/12 cooling water in order to provide essential process control for their production of pastries and buns. Having i-Chiller options for purchase in stock was selling point for the customer who needed a capital purchase solution … Read more