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Is it time to replace your Temperature Control Unit?

Time to replace your TCU?

Temperature control units (TCU) are crucial in maintaining the desired temperature in various manufacturing facilities. Like any appliance, temperature control units can show signs of wear and over time, may need replacing. Understanding the signs that indicate a unit replacement is required can help you avoid high energy bills or costly downtime. This article covers … Read more

Introducing i-Temp Compact eco.line – A new standard in energy efficient temperature control

ecoline tcu launch

We are proud to announce the expansion of our i-TEMP temperature control units (TCU) portfolio with the introduction of the eco.line series. The new i-TEMP COMPACT eco.line units, currently the most efficient integrated TCUs on the market, are designed to meet the demanding requirements of plastic moulding processes and other industrial applications, offering exceptional energy … Read more

5 Tips To Reduce Your Process Cooling Energy Costs

reduce process cooling costs

Refrigeration accounts for a high proportion of overall site energy costs, most notably cooling for food, drink, chemical, and pharmaceutical processes where up to 90% of energy costs can be accounted for by refrigeration. Top 5 tips to help reduce costs in process cooling systems 1. Keep your chilled system maintained frequently Industrial and process … Read more

What Is A Chiller? Core Uses, Types & How They Work

At its core, a chiller is a refrigeration system designed to remove heat through a vapor-compression, absorption, or adsorption refrigeration cycle. The primary objective is to cool a fluid or dehumidify air in an industrial or commercial setting. Simply put, a chiller is a machine that cools things down. It removes heat from a liquid … Read more

How to Heat Your Warehouse for Optimal Efficiency

Chillers in warehouse

Warehouses play a pivotal role in various industries, acting as central hubs for storage, logistics, and distribution. Yet, maintaining an ideal temperature within these expansive spaces poses a considerable challenge. Understanding Your Warehouse Layout and Needs Before delving into how to heat a warehouse, it’s imperative to comprehend the warehouse’s layout and specific requirements. The … Read more

Temperature Control Solutions for the Chemical Industry

ICS Cool Energy are very experienced in providing industrial process & HVAC temperature control solutions for the chemical manufacturing industry. Whether you are working on new capital projects and would like to purchase chillers or TCUs, looking at seasonal cooling & heating requirements for chillers, boilers or portable A/C or require the service of your … Read more

Manufacturing Summer Shutdown

Summer Shutdown

Advantages of  a Manufacturing Summer Shutdown For many, summertime means relaxing holidays. But for manufacturers, it can be a chance to take stock whilst production demand eases. Many industrial businesses take advantage of “summer shutdowns” – a mandatory pause on operations which may seem like a risk to profits, but carried out effectively can help reduce … Read more

Production Maintenance – Your Headache-Free Guide

Process cooling and heating for manufacturing industries including plastics, food, beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, rubber, packaging and metal processing.

There’s nothing quite like production downtime or a process heating and cooling system that’s struggling to cope to give engineering and production managers a headache. Dave Palmer, Strategic Accounts Director at the leading temperature control specialist ICS Cool Energy explains how to protect your production and minimise the risk of downtime. When it comes to process … Read more

Managing temperature variances in plastics manufacturing

Temperature control is a critical aspect to the production quality and requires precision to achieve the correct process temperatures at the correct time.

Typically there are fine margins involved with the injection moulding process, which means there’s a great need to get the process right the first time. Temperature control is a critical aspect to the production quality and requires precision to achieve the correct process temperatures at the correct time. Unwanted temperature variances can lead to hotspots developing … Read more

New boiler range with 96% energy savings

boiler 160v2 for rental

There’s a new range of high-efficiency boilers for hire, suitable for a wide variety of applications and delivering fuel efficiencies of up to 96%. Working with fuel-efficient burners and boilers to ensure low environmental impact, ICS Cool Energy’s hire division has the industry’s largest range of HVAC equipment which has now been extended to offer … Read more