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Cooling – 5 Tips To Reduce Your Energy Costs


Refrigeration accounts for a high proportion of overall site energy costs, most notably cooling for food, drink, chemical and pharmaceutical processes where up to 90% of energy costs can be accounted for by refrigeration. According to the Carbon Trust, “energy saving doesn’t need to be expensive – up to 20% can be cut in many … Read more

Reduce Energy Costs by up to 80% with Free Cooling

Free Cooling

Free Cooling is a fast and effective, economic method of using low external air temperatures. It can be used to assist in cooling water for industrial temperature control applications or in HVAC systems. A chiller’s traditional design uses integral compressor technology to generate the cooling required for process and HVAC applications. The use of Free … Read more

Ecodesign Directive and Process Cooling – New laws

This article about the Ecodesign Directive first appeared as an exclusive feature in British Plastics & Rubber, February 2017. With the next tranche of legislation (the Ecodesign Directive) affecting temperature control in the manufacturing industry due in 2018, it’s forcing manufacturers to take a close look at process systems to ensure future compliance. But there’s already … Read more

Advanced compressor technology for energy savings of up to 60%

The refrigeration market must embrace advanced compressors to stand chance of meeting EU efficiency targets, says Brent Hall, Technical Manager at ICS Cool Energy. With the shadow of the EU’s 2021 energy saving legislation looming over the UK’s refrigeration market, the industry is being urged to proactively target compressor efficiency in order to fulfil its … Read more

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Process Temperature Control

Chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes can have an added performance boost with the i-Temp Plus range which offers precision-control of temperatures up to 400°C. Full details are in our new 24-page brochure that’s available here. The high capacity i-Temp Plus range guarantees precise multiple zone temperatures at every stage of manufacturing, from ingredient conditioning to … Read more