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8 Top Tips For Using Glycol In Your Chiller

glycol for chillers

Contents 1. Do not use antifreeze intended for cars 2. Use the correct Glycol for your application and product 3. Only use inhibited glycol in your chiller 4. Don’t mix different types of glycol 5. Check environmental regulations surrounding your equipment 6. Use the correct dosage of Glycol 7. Mixing Glycol with the right water … Read more

Process cooling in the summer – 5 key questions for protecting your production


The British summer is an unreliable season and hot weather tends to surprise us – usually during the working week when we have little time to enjoy it! Like overheating the engine in your car, the loss of cooling capability from industrial chillers and cooling towers during hotter weather can create huge problems for manufacturers … Read more

Top 6 water treatment tips for your process chiller

Water Treatment and analysis

We have published a more recent article about water treatment tips, read on here. ———— Brent Hall, Technical Manager offers his top six tips for prolonging a chiller’s life to help keep it working as efficiently as possible. Chillers are the backbone of commercial and industrial cooling systems across the country. However, they are not … Read more

Reduce Energy Costs by up to 80% with Free Cooling

Free Cooling

Free Cooling is a fast and effective, economic method of using low external air temperatures. It can be used to assist in cooling water for industrial temperature control applications or in HVAC systems. A chiller’s traditional design uses integral compressor technology to generate the cooling required for process and HVAC applications. The use of Free … Read more