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5 Tips To Reduce Your Process Cooling Energy Costs

reduce process cooling costs

Refrigeration accounts for a high proportion of overall site energy costs, most notably cooling for food, drink, chemical, and pharmaceutical processes where up to 90% of energy costs can be accounted for by refrigeration. Top 5 tips to help reduce costs in process cooling systems 1. Keep your chilled system maintained frequently Industrial and process … Read more

ICS Cool Energy Enhances Preventive Maintenance Plans for Temperature Control Process and Industrial Equipment

Service Blog

New service packages help customers ensure their temperature control installations remain operational and efficient over their maximum lifespan. ICS Cool Energy, an international market leader specialising in complete temperature control solutions for manufacturing process and facilities applications, introduced today new Planned Preventive Maintenance plans, enhanced to offer one of the industry’s most comprehensive service packages … Read more


One of 50+ dedicated service engineers recently helped avoid a problem before it became a problem. He was carrying out a routine maintenance on a chiller that has an integral pump. On the outside the pump looked clean and in good condition however on further inspection revealed the air intake was clogged with fine debris. If … Read more

Replacing a Failed Condenser

We recently replaced a failed condenser which was cooling an MRI scanner. This was done swiftly and efficiently to minimise downtime – here you can see “before” & “after”. There is no time to lose when your temperature control systems break down. We are there to help when emergencies strikes – 24/7 We are national … Read more

Winter Maintenance

winter maintenance

10 TOP TIPS TO KEEP YOUR TEMPERATURE CONTROL EQUIPMENT OPERATIONAL & EFFICIENT THIS WINTER   It’s coming to that time of the year again. Yes, it’s Winter – the time when we start to worry if our equipment will work efficiently enough to last us throughout the season. Not to fear! Our experts here at … Read more

Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance – are you prepared for summer? The hot summer weather can put additional strain on your temperature control equipment. Unless your equipment is regularly and professionally maintained, it is more likely to breakdown. This can cause your business expensive repair bills and costly downtime. Planned maintenance is therefore crucially important to your temperature … Read more

Reduce Manufacturing Costs – Boost Your Green Credentials

Energy Efficiency

Reduce Manufacturing Costs – Boost Your Green Credentials Energy consumption is typically the single biggest cost for manufacturers. In 2014, the UK’s energy consumption was equivalent to 142.8 million tonnes of oil, of which certain industrial groups consumed 24 million tonnes alone – a little under a fifth of the total[1]. It will come as … Read more