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Why Hiring Temperature Control Is Ideal For The Education Sector

An Education in temperature control

From resolving boiler breakdowns to keeping lecture theatres cool in the summer, temperature control solutions play an essential role in the education sector. Maintaining a consistently comfortable temperature while keeping efficiency front of mind is key, whether it’s a rural primary school or a metropolitan university. With tight budgets and a fluctuating demand for heating … Read more

Production contingency planning – it’s all in the preparation

Chiller for Optical Manufacturing Process

Keeping your production running efficiently is essential for remaining profitable and keeping your customers happy. To safeguard your production process and prevent equipment from failing, preventative maintenance plans should be followed with a contingency plan in place, should the worst happen. Even the highest quality equipment can fail when not looked after correctly. In 2015, a … Read more

Production Maintenance – Your Headache-Free Guide

Process cooling and heating for manufacturing industries including plastics, food, beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, rubber, packaging and metal processing.

There’s nothing quite like production downtime or a process heating and cooling system that’s struggling to cope to give engineering and production managers a headache. Dave Palmer, Strategic Accounts Director at the leading temperature control specialist ICS Cool Energy explains how to protect your production and minimise the risk of downtime. When it comes to process … Read more