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Updated: January 31, 2017

Temporary ventilation makes it cooler for manufacturing

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The Challenge

A plastics injection moulding company moved to the ideal new site in Colchester but when the summer temperatures rose, the building’s existing ventilation couldn’t cope. ICS Cool Energy’s temporary chiller hire solution provides the essential ventilation and cooling to keep people comfortable – without compromising the production floor space.

The Solution

When the high temperatures from a plastics injection moulding process combined with the summer heat and limited ventilation in the building, the working environment overheated, affecting productivity.

Unable to stand the heat, ICS Cool Energy was called in to provide a ventilation solution to see them through the summer.

Local hire application engineer Ben Davies visited the site and recommended two 129kW TAE Evo 602 chillers placed outside (since replaced with the state of the art i-Chiller range) and two internally sited 150kW air handling units. The air handling units are connected to the site’s existing high level ducting to minimise impact on the production facility’s floorspace.

  • Minimal impact on production floorspace
  • High efficiency cooling via chillers and air handlers
  • Temporary, affordable solution for summer cooling

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The Result

The site’s production manager said:
“Our processes generate a lot of heat and this, combined with the summer temperatures made for very uncomfortable working conditions.

“ICS Cool Energy’s hire solution is ideal for us – we’re not compromised on floor space and the team is much happier and productive with the cooler temperatures.”

ICS Cool Energy’s Ben Davies added:

“When assessing the site it was clear that their main assembly warehouse was virtually sealed with limited ventilation. The fans they had been using had very limited impact given the site of the warehouse and the processes being carried out. We were able to provide and install a complete temperature control solution that not only meant everyone was happier and more comfortable but also kept the floorspace free.”

ICS Cool Energy’s hire solutions are ideal to provide cover for emergency breakdowns, as cover for planned maintenance or refurbishments as well as an affordable long term alternative to capital equipment purchase.

[testimonial name=”Site Production manager”]”The hire solution is ideal for us, we’re a happier, cooler team and we’re not losing vital floorspace.”[/testimonial]

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