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Process Cooling

Read our case study and learn how we provide process cooling solutions to engineering equipment manufacturers

Critical temperature control for the RNLI
HVAC Heating and Cooling

RNLI craft production is especially challenging in the summer months, with high temperatures affecting the composite materials and quality of production.

The perfect recipe for ready meals
Process Cooling

The booming ready meals market, demands high precision heating and cooling and more than that, delivering consistent product quality and taste

A new dimension in temperature control for Saturn Spraying
Process Heating

Saturn Spraying, a leading player in food manufacturing equipment and synonymous with innovations called in ICS Cool Energy to work on a heating solution for the technically demanding production of breakfast cereals.

Global Electronics Showcase for Pektron

A prestigious UK working environment which doubles up as a global showcase for leading edge electronics specialists Pektron

Savings for snack food production
TCU - Process Heating

A world leading snack food manufacturer needed a special temperature control solution to deliver better system efficiency and save water and energy

Temperature control for the nation's favourite biscuits
Process Heating

For one major manufacturer, with 100 years of heritage, the chocolate production process relied on the plant’s central boiler which was increasingly inefficient

iTemp units cut cycle time by 25% for automotive moulder
Process Cooling and Heating

A specialist producer of high quality injection moulding parts used by global brands including BMW, Nissan, Jaguar and Renault, is on the expansion trail and has slashed its cycle times by 25% thanks to a new temperature control solution from ICS Cool Energy.

Temperature control for biotechnology leader
Temperature Control

A world-renowned leader in biotechnology, expanding production, required a highly specialised, high integrity close control temperature control solution

A model testing solution for leading motor manufacturer
Temperature Control

One of the world’s biggest motor manufacturers needed a new temperature control system to help the Europe-wide research to develop the next generation of engines.

Temperature control engineered to stick
Turnkey Temperature Control

ICS Cool Energy has delivered a temperature control solution that ‘sticks’ at a new coatings and adhesives manufacturing site for a global leader in sustainable chemicals for industry, working in partnership with a leading engineering house.

Oil heating solves problem for coatings manufacturer
Process Heating - Oil

A leading specialist coatings and corrosion prevention products manufacturer faced a surge of sales orders but their essential oil heaters for the process were proving a problem. A special ‘plug and play’ oil heater package from ICS Cool Energy and a full service solution now provides the vital back-up, minimising the impact of any system failure.

Greener pastures for dairy farm
Cooling- Dairy

One of the South’s most successful dairy farms specialising in high quality and environmentally friendly milk-based products has a greener method of temperature control with an ICS Cool Energy cooling system with heat recovery.

Heat recovery for Yorkshire brewery
Process Cooling - Heat Recovery

An energy efficient new cooling system was needed for an independent brewery in Yorkshire – replacing life-expired equipment with a new chiller and heat recovery unit that re-uses heat that would otherwise be wasted as a smarter alternative for cooling.

Driving industries forward
Advanced Control

For ICS Cool Energy keeping business on the move was vital for a world-leading tyre manufacturer with a critical fault in the temperature control system.

Free-Cooler Helps Lower Operating Costs
Free Cooling

ICS Cool Energy help the UK's largest independent hatchery to save money on the running cost of their temperature control equipment through free-cooling.


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