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Updated: March 24, 2017

Ice rink Cooling

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The Challenge

Ice skating – indoors and out – is now a major leisure activity across Europe but coping with the ice rink cooling needed to keep the surface fresh when there’s wind, rain and often strong sunshine or ice-melting temperatures is a challenge. It’s one that ICS Cool Energy has been conquering at hundreds of venues across Europe, including London’s famous Somerset House where not a session of skating has been missed over 10 years.

The Solution

Winter weather is changing, with temperatures reaching as high as 18°C in central London in November and often dropping to well below freezing after Christmas, making it extra challenging for building and running popular winter ice rinks.

With nearly 30 years experience, ICS Cool Energy teams have developed a wealth of know-how to help ensure skaters of all ages have a superb experience.

High performance chillers, 24/7 on call service and on site redundancy (back up) is all part of the ICS Cool Energy hire team’s service.

“Demand for our ice rink cooling just keeps on growing and it’s because we don’t let people down. We ensure our systems are immaculately maintained at all times and unlike some operators, we build in redundancy, so in the event of any system failure or extra challenging weather, there’s back up chiller power on site,” explains Lee Chard, National Accounts Manager, Hire.

The Result

The famous and picturesque winter ice rink at London’s landmark Somerset House building is operated by Ice Tech UK, leading specialists in providing worldwide turnkey packages for indoor and outdoor ice rinks and ice systems for all types of applications.

Mark Nelson, Ice Tech UK’s Senior Partner said:

“Since ICS Cool Energy came on board in 2007, we have provided over 6,500 skate sessions and entertained in excess of one million skaters. In that time we have not lost one session which remains a remarkable and unrivalled track record.

“Even when faced with extraordinary challenges, the combination of your cooling solution and our ice floor system together with resourceful on-site work by the technicians ensures our track record stays intact.

The continued success of this ice rink year on year is testament to the wonderful and dedicated production team and to the ICS Cool Energy teams whose work on site is exemplary,” he said.


[testimonial name=”

Mark Nelson, Senior Partner, Ice Tech UK

“]”Despite all the weather challenges we faced, the continued success of the ice rink is testament to the wonderful and dedicated production team. I place in high regard the fact that you have committed to our aim to pioneer technological progress in ice rink build and operation.”[/testimonial]

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Our dedicated team provides ice rink chiller hire solutions to over 120 projects across the UK and mainland Europe a year, providing units specifically designed for ice rink applications, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your customers. We can either manage the site in its entirety – providing an entire ice rink solution, without any further support needed from the location, or work with your existing equipment and partners to provide ice rink chillers suitable for your requirements. We have been in the industrial chiller market since 1989, giving us the knowledge we need to support your ice rink project from the ground up, from maintaining the chillers to an entire rink installation. <strong>Why use us as your ice rink chiller partner?</strong> We have experience in both working with event businesses to work with them to provide the chillers units and the maintenance support as well as managing ice rink projects outright without any additional support, meaning we can work with you no matter the scope of your project.

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