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Updated: November 16, 2016

Temporary Cooling for Offices

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The Challenge

Delivering over 450 million clinical tests every year, a leading medical diagnostics firm’s highly skilled technicians were feeling the heat as summer temperatures soared and ICS Cool Energy’s Europe-wide hire team raced to the rescue.

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The Solution

An emergency call for temporary spot cooling assistance was initially received at ICS Cool Energy in Germany, with other group companies soon answering calls for help across Europe.

The busy teams in one location worked in test laboratories with sensitive equipment and limited space, so a compact temporary solution requiring minimal attention and distraction from work was essential.

Following consultation with ICS Cool Energy’s hire specialists, a 7.5kW split Cool Clima portable air conditioning unit was recommended which is low noise in operation, has a compact footprint and a separate condenser which is located outside. Air conditioned air is delivered with a large volume air movement of 1,450m3/hr, suitable for cooling large office areas, server rooms, data centres and workspaces.

The Result

The team received the first call on a Thursday afternoon and by Monday morning, the first units were installed and running, requiring only a 13a plug and a suitable route for the umbilical that joins the indoor and outdoor unit. There’s a three speed fan delivering air through an outlet on the front of the unit, an automatic thermostat and a pump which removes condensation from the cooling coil and pumps it to the outdoor unit ensuring a real ‘fit and forget’ operation.

Portable cooling solutions are a very popular and highly demanded sector of the ICS Cool Energy hire fleet which is the largest in the industry.

[testimonial name=”ICS Cool Energy”]We work with our group companies throughout Europe, so we can offer a truly local service and fast response which is what our customers want, 24/7.


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